Thursday, May 7, 2009

a new niece and an update on the little bug...

Wednesday April 29th, my sister Amanda gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Sophie Grace Volcansek. I was able to be there right after she was born (she came so fast I missed the birth!) and she's so cute!
Now, fast forward to the next day when husband of said sister takes oldest daughter Emma to the Dr. only to discover that she had Type 1 Diabetes! :( she was admitted to the hospital just down the hall from her mother and new baby sister.
My sister now has a 4 year old with Diabetes, an almost two-year old and a new baby. She and Jonny are both amazing and faithful and I know that they will survive this trial but it's going to be a big adjustment! Here are some pictures of the cute little bug Emma
It was very hard to see her at the hospital hooked to an iv and getting poked all the time! The poor thing would jump anytime someone would come into her room for fear of them poking her!
Here is Emma with her new baby sister and swollen eyes from crying :(

Now she is home which is much better and Amanda and Jonny regulate her blood sugar levels by giving her shots everyday. She has been such a brave little girl and even though it hurts my heart to see her go through this I am proud of her! I'm also proud of Jonny and Amanda for trusting in the Lord during this trial - what good examples they are! I sure do love my sister and niece and I'm glad things are improving! I appreciate everyone who prayed for them and please keep sending those prayers!