Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's no news...

I'm pretty sure most everyone I know already knows we have a..


Woohoo! Here is one of my first attempts at a baby bump picture. I think I was 18ish weeks here..

And here is my 20 weeks picture! The day after this picture we went and had the ultrasound and saw our WITTLE Baby!

I think I am already the most paranoid mother on the planet. No kidding, I am always worried something is wrong and I was pretty positive they were going to find that my baby had a tail or something. Until we heard the heartbeat I was convinced the baby wasn't alive because I was no longer having nauseousness of epic proportions. ANYWHO, we were very excited to see the little guy in there squirming around and that everything appeared to be normal! Yes that's right, it's a boy! He made that VERY clear to us and kept flashing us his man parts Over and OVER again. The ultrasound technician kept joking that he REALLY wanted us to know he was a boy! We got to see all four chambers of his little heart and all his fingers and toes! Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! This is his little face! Is it just me or does his skull look ginormous? How is that supposed to come out of me again?!?!

The funniest thing was that the child would NOT stop moving! The guy kept joking he was an ADHD baby and really would we be surprised? He is going to be just like his father. The coolest thing was I could see him move on the screen and feel it at the same time so now I know I'm not just having phenomenal gas pains it's the baby boy nudging me! I feel him all the time now and it makes me laugh sometimes! Hopefully the laughing lasts and I don't get annoyed cuz he is keeping me up at night. Once you feel them move inside you and get to see them on a screen, it makes all the barfing and miserableness worth it. :)

Look at those monstrous thighs and feet!