Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We had us a baby blessing

At some point in May we blessed the little bambino. Here are some pics of us and him in his blessing gear:) Tim did a great job and we ate yummy food so what's not to like?! Thanks for all who attended and for those who did not- WHAT were you thinking?!? haha kidding.. Please enjoy..

OH also, they gave me this bonnet with his blessing outfit, like I would put my little man in a girly bonnet?!?! No offense if you like boys in bonnets!! Tim and I were still amused however by putting it on him and taking a couple pics.

oh and perhaps I should mention I'm so proud of Stockton for not crying during the blessing. At the beginning of the meeting he was fussing and crying and I was panicking - but he calmed down and was a sweet angel. Love him!!